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The Center For A Sustainable Today is a catalyst for neighborhood sustainability.
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Greener Good Blog and Video

Greener Good is our blog that features things that are easy to do at home to go sustainable. It also has it's own TV show called For The Greener Good, a cooking show and home craft videos. Greener Good is animal friendly and features blogs and photos of wildlife and natural spaces.

Sustainable Today Show

Sustainable Today introduces people to the vast issues that encompass the sustainable movement. We provide scientific facts about environmental conditions, and present up-to-date news. We showcase local businesses which are making the world of sustainability accessible to you and me. Sustainable Today engages industry professionals in an informative, open dialogue.

About Us

The Center for a Sustainable Today is a socially motivated 501 c(3) non-profit organization that fosters sustainability through events, projects, and programs that promote sustainability

Green Neighborhoods Project

The Green Neighborhoods Project coordinates habitat restoration projects in your neighborhood!

An integrated strategy to restore habitat, enhance ecosystem services, and create vibrant communities in Portland, Oregon.

The Green Neighborhoods Project (GNP) is a core program that is administered by The Center for a Sustainable Today (CST), a 501c3 Non-profit, socially motivated organization. The GNP strategy simultaneously addresses many of the problems and challenges that are pervasive in urbanized areas such as habitat loss, ecosystem fragmentation, and deterioration of ecosystem services, as well as addressing quality of life and social issues such as access to local organic produce, access to free and inexpensive education, and the disconnect from nature that many urban dwellers experience.

Greener Good Videos

Organic Eats: Black Bean Burgers

Ecovillage Life: Starting Garden Seeds

Home Vegetable Planter Boxes and Basketweaving

Ecovillage Life: Mason Bees and Professor Yoshida

Dynamic Governance Workshop

Love Organic Farm and Curry in a Hurry

Jen Davis shows us how to care for Mason Bees

Ecovillage Life: Starting to reduce my weekly garbage

Lip Balm and Deodorant Workshop

For The Greener Good: Organic Veggies

For The Greener Good: Composting Systems

Minimalist Leader Kathy Peterman

Sustainable Today TV Show

Portland, A Model For Sustainability

Taholah and the Paddle to Quinault

Cascadia, Protecting The Bio-region

Salmon Nation, Healing The Land

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